Re : Le vaccin contre la maladie de Crohn ! Big Espoir !

Publié par seuxin le 20/07/2014 15:52:22
Je viens de poser il y a une bonne heure cette question sur le facebook :

"Hello, could you please explain me a thing :Donation will be used in order to create the new MAP test, isn't it ? But why creating this news test ? After create this new map test, what will be the next step ? A human trial for the vaccine ? Thanks"

La réponse :

Hi XXXXX ( je masque mon prénom hein ) . Yes that's correct. But the test is not separate from the vaccine; it is an essential element of the vaccine trial -a 'parter diagnostic' to tell us who has MAP (so we only vaccinate those who are positive... we expect this will be everyone with Crohn's but the trial will tell us for sure) and to monitor patients' responses to the vaccine (correlating reducing MAP levels with clinical improvement). Completion of the development of the test will not hold up the trial as vaccine manufacture takes a year and the test work will be finished well within this time-frame. There is something else very important to know about the test: it gives not just a yes/no answer but enables scientists to SEE MAP in the tissues of people with Crohn's... something scientists have been trying to do for decades. When work on the test is complete and we are able to publish our pictures, controversy over whether MAP causes Crohn's will end. And with it will come major interest from big pharma companies to invest in the vaccine. That is why our first fundraising hurdle of £70,000 -which seems small in research funding terms- could achieve so much. Amy


Voilà en gros pourquoi les dons sont importants, afin d'avoir également de vrais et nouvelles réponses, mais vous inquietez pas, je m'investis à fond....j'ai pu récupérer une liste de personnalitées politiques et de célébritées atteintes de la maladies, je les ai toutes contactées....

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